Friday, September 07, 2007

Series Preems in Theaters

It's getting harder and harder to attract eyes to a specific show. I think we'll see some pretty creative marketing in the next two years as the nets try to find new ways to keep using the old broadcasting rules.

We'll probably see more event programming. Don't be surprised if you see a TV show premiere in movie theaters — for free.

Think about it. Build entire events in 10-20 cities around a series premiere. Different stars go to different cities on different days. Get potential viewers interested in the show and then let them have a shared viewing experience so the audience can feed off of itself. Increase buzz. Increase word-of-mouth. Hopefully, increase viewers.

The whole concept may cause drama preems to be treated like two-hour movies. It might even revitalize the TV movie departments or at least improve the synergy between TV and film divisions.

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