Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Episodic Nation

Finally. "Kid Nation" preems tonight and I can't wait — for the commercials and marketing to be over, that is.

Tonight CBS creates a kid nation. What other types of nations has TV discussed in the past? Let's take a look at ep titles in TV history:
  • Access Nation (''Law & Order,'' 2/27/2002)
  • Animation Nation (''The F-List'')
  • Crustacean Nation (''Good Eats'')
  • Electric Nation (''Great Projects: The Building of America'')
  • Fallen Nation (''Team Knight Rider,'' 10/6/1997)
  • Fashion Nation (''Quilt Central'')
  • Gym Nation (''FitNation'')
  • Hip Hop Nation (''One-Hit Wonders'')
  • Imagine Nation (''Blue's Clues'')
  • Immigration Nation (''HistoryCENTER'')
  • Island Nation (''Southern Home by Design'')
  • Kimitation Nation (''Kim Possible,'' 11/15/2002)
  • Navajo Nation (''Primary Focus TV'')
  • The Emerging Nation (''The American Story'')
  • The Expanding Nation (''The American Adventure'')
  • The New Nation (''Tracks: Impressions of America'')
  • The New Nation (''America's History in the Making'')
  • The Ownership Nation (''Small Business School'')
  • The Right Nation (''Uncommon Knowledge'')
  • The Smallest Nation (''Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman'')
  • The Telltale Nation (''The Practice,'' 11/10/2002)
  • Tot 'em Termi' Nation (''The Paw Paws'')

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