Friday, August 03, 2007

Ep Vid Finder Update

It's been three months since I last updated the entire trivialTV directory of online videos. Hopefully, you'll find it was worth the wait. I added new services. I removed two video portals since they no longer provide video. I upgraded some links so that you go directly to the ep instead of just the series page. I removed some links since quite a bit of content was recently removed or just moved.

For those of you keeping track at home, the trivialTV Ep Vid Finder now has 45,854 links to 27,260 episodes for 1,426 series. I reckon it's still the most complete and updated list out there.

I updated content from these sites:
  • Previously in database
    • ABC
    • ABC Family
    • Adult Swim Fix
    • ADV Universe
    • AOL
    • CBS (innertube)
    • CinemaNow
    • The CW
    • Disney
    • Fox (MySpace)
    • Google Video: ~1650 links removed
    • GUBA
    • Hanna-Barbera
    • iFilm
    • in2tv
    • iTunes
    • iWatchNow: ~150 links removed
    • Movielink
    • MSNtv
    • NBC (Rewind)
    • Outdoor Action: ~320 links removed
    • OutZone
    • ReelTime: content dramatically changed
    • tbs
    • toonami jetstream
    • TVLand
    • Unbox
    • Vongo
    • WalMart
  • New to database:
    • Akimbo
    • Azureus Vuze
    • Joost
    • LifetimeTV
    • MoboVivo
    • MovieFlix

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