Friday, August 31, 2007

DDRisney's HSM3

Seems like Disney thought of every way to market High School Musical 2 to get your children to watch the show again and again and again.

Next weekend — September 8 at 8PM to be exact — your teens and tweens will probably watch HSM2 one more time. Why? Zac and the rest of the cast will teach viewers the dance steps to the opening and closing dance numbers.

For HSM3 Disney should go one step further. Make it into a game.

What if your kids could connect Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) beat pads directly to the set top box or download a file and play along in real-time on a Wii, PS3 or XBox gaming system? Disney should make sure the choreographers for HSM3 develop a few dance numbers that are compatible with using two DDR pads simultaneously.

Just think of the ways this idea can be used for other shows. About a year ago I talked about the concept of TV music Guitar Hero. When Harmonix releases Rock Band, can you imagine your kids watching "The Naked Brothers Band" and playing along? I can.

With the continued convergence of TV and gaming, I expect in two years that we'll be able to download TV episodes that will have some gaming aspect to them.

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