Monday, August 13, 2007

Database Update

If you've been keeping track at home, you know it's been about two months since I updated the TV Schedule Finder and about three months since I updated the scoreboard and Total Tube Time features near the bottom of the right sidebar.

I added info to the TV Schedule Finder for the most recent nine weeks (ending 29 July 2007). That's 1,206 new records. Every time you enter a date you now search ~130,000 shows.

During the past three months I also added 4,038 new series to the database and confirmed the preem dates of 2,646 of these series. Whenever I search the trivialTV database for ep titles, I'm now searching eps for 20,608 series. Plus, the 'On This Date' feature includes 11,496 series preem dates — that's an average of 31 shows for every date.

Finally, I updated the results for Total Tube Time. There were just a few changes. "CSI" moved into 9th place overall when it passed "Unsolved Mysteries." On the list of dramas, "Law & Order: SVU" just passed "NYPD Blue" for 8th place and will pass "Dallas" next time.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping the database up-to-date. It's a great function to have, and I appreciate your dedication to keeping it current and accurate.