Wednesday, August 01, 2007

As Honest as the Day Is Song

Today is the anniversary of the first broadcast for multiple TV music channels:
  • 1998: First broadcast by VH-1 Soul, VH-1 Country
  • 1996: First broadcast by MTV2 as M2.
  • 1981: First broadcast by MTV.
In honor of these anniversaries, I thought I'd stick with the musical theme for this week's fun with ep titles.

Forty years ago, The Doors' Light My Fire was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. A ton of shows used the exact words, Light My Fire, for ep titles, but a few writers played with the title a little:
  • Firefly, Light My Fire (''The Bugaloos,'' 9/12/1970)
  • Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire (''Digimon: Digital Monsters,'' 9/23/2002)
  • Light My Firebush (''Son of the Beach,'' 4/17/2001)
  • Right My Fire (''To Have & To Hold,'' 11/11/1998)
And 35 years ago, the Eagles released the single, Witchy Woman. Everytime I heard that song I immediately think about Desperado. Thanks, Elaine ("Seinfeld"). Well, writers also paid homage to Witchy Woman through ep titles:
  • Ooh, Ooh Itchy Woman (''Hannah Montana,'' 6/10/2006)
  • Witch-ay Woman (''Johnny Bravo,'' 3/12/2004)
  • Witchy Grrrls (''Sabrina, the Animated Series,'' 9/20/1999)

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