Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Soccer Beckons

You've probably already heard that the Beckhams have his-and-her one-hour reality specials this summer.

Her show, "Victoria Beckham: Coming To America," will preem on July 16 on NBC and will focus on the family's move to LA. What was once a six-episode series has been reduced to a sixty-minute special.

His show will debut on ITV later this summer and will focus on his change in footy teams. I've seen many announcements about the special being made, but no specifics about title and airdate have been unveiled.

And then 20th Century Fox Film Corporation filed a trademark application for Soccer Beckons on 28 June 2007 for "entertainment services in the nature of television programming featuring sports." Sounds like the perfect name for the David Beckham reality special, doesn't it? Nice use of the American word for football. Nice play on words with Beckon/Beckham. Nobody at 20th Century Fox has confirmed this thought, but I thought I would just throw it out there anyways.

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