Friday, July 20, 2007

Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County

Looks like it's finally official.

Since the show started in Laguna Beach and is moving to Newport Beach, we all assumed the new season would keep the beach title and be called "Newport Beach: The Real Orange County."

Not so fast. We overlooked one detail.

The show is really moving from Laguna Beach High School to Newport Harbor High School. Just drop high school and "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" becomes "Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County."

Want more evidence?

Viacom filed a trademark app on 13 July 2007 for Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County. The application comes complete with the same stylized logo


Anonymous said...

Its gonna be the best show EVER...

im so excited...

Anonymous said...

Great. Now these losers are going to completely misrepresent my high school. What ever happened to making up places that don't exist, like Forrest Gump living in Greenbow, Alabama.