Thursday, July 12, 2007


An encyclopedia of Martha Stewart? Maybe even a corporate-sponsored wikisite for her?

She's had this little project planned for a while actually, but there are few details. She even gave the phrase a test run on Larry King last December, but nobody picked up on it. Except Larry King, surprisingly. He actually keyed on the word by repeating it once, but of course he never followed up with a real question.

Here are the key dates for Marthapedia:
  • 2006 Oct 25: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. registers the domain name Like most things I tell you about, the domain is parked for now.

  • 2006 Dec 11: Martha Stewart appears on "Larry King Live" and uses the word Marthapedia. Go ahead and search the transcript. It's the only relevant place you'll find it online.

  • 2007 Jul 5: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. files two trademark applications to protect Marthapedia for "Entertainment services, namely, providing ongoing television programs and radio programs; providing online information; providing online publications" and "hand held computers, personal digital assistants, hand held electronic devices; computer hardware; computer software."

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