Thursday, June 07, 2007

What Goes Around Sitcoms Around

Lately I've been adding British sitcoms to the trivialTV database. One thing really jumped out at me. Even though there are a ton of Britcoms, very few are based on US TV series. But just enough for this week's trivia.

A while ago I had you match the US series with the British series on which it was based. This week we'll do the opposite. Match the Britcom with its US predecessor.

British SitcomU.S. Sitcom
1.''Brighton Belles''a.''The Golden Girls''
2.''Days Like These''b.''Good Times''
3.''Fosters''c.''Mad About You''
4.''Loved by You''d.''Married...with Children''
5.''Married for Life''e.''Maude''
6.''Nobody's Perfect''f.''That '70s Show''
7.''The Upper Hand''g.''Who's the Boss?''

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