Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Time and Bride Wait for No Man

Did you watch "How I Met Your Mother" on Monday? Yeah? Quick. What's Lily's last name? Marshall's? OK. Maybe you know the names of the "HIMYM" newlyweds today, but what about five years from now? Do you think you'll still remember?

Let's put you to the test. I selected 12 couples who got married on sitcoms since 1990. Match the bride and groom with their series.
Series NameBrideGroom
1."Boy Meets World"A.Darlene Connera.Woody Boyd
2."Cheers"B.Rebecca Donaldsonb.Martin Crane
3."A Different World"C.Carla Espinosac.Elliott DiMauro
4."Frasier"D.Fran Fined.David Healy
5."Full House"E.Kelly Gainese.Jesse Katsoplis
6."The Jamie Foxx Show"F.Maya Gallof.Doug Kelly
7."Just Shoot Me"G.Whitley Gilbertg.Jamie King
8."Kelly, Kelly"H.Phyllis Lapinh.Cory Matthews
9."The Nanny"I.Ronee Lawrencei.Maxwell Sheffield
10."The Office"J.Topanga Lawrencej.Christopher Turk
11."Roseanne"K.Francesca Monroek.Bob Vance
12."Scrubs"L.Kelly Novackl.Dwayne Wayne

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