Wednesday, November 01, 2006

TV Power Ratings, 2005-2006

I developed the TV Power Rating to represent a show's value to its network. A program's Power Rating is based on its Nielsen Rating relative to other shows on the network during the same week and on the same night. A show with a high power rating is very valuable to that network. Likewise, a show with a low power rating is not very valuable.

Today you get two lists for the price of one. Not bad for free.

Which ten series had the highest average Power Ratings for the 2005-2006 season?
    2.23: ''American Idol''
    1.60: ''WWE Smackdown!''
    1.37: ''Deal or No Deal''
    1.36: ''NFL Monday Night Football''
    1.23: ''CSI''
    1.15: ''America's Got Talent''
    1.05: ''Dancing with the Stars''
    0.83: ''ER''
    0.82: ''Smallville''
    0.74: ''Law & Order: SVU''
Any surprises for you? I was shocked that MNF's value plummeted from last year — the biggest drop of any series. It's easy to see why ABC passed on MNF's big contract.

Update (31 Oct 2006, 9:58AM): One reader e-mailed and asked why ''Desperate Housewives'' and ''Grey's Anatomy'' weren't on the list since both shows were consistently rated in the top ten. Since ABC scheduled them back-to-back on Sundays for most of last year, these shows weren't as valuable as they could've been. By moving ''GA'' to Thursdays this year, ABC is now taking full advantage of lead-in and lead-out effects of both shows since they're anchoring different nights. So far this Fall season ''DH'' is rated #2 in the Power Ratings, which means that ''DH'' is more important for the Alphabet's Sunday lineup this year than last year. End Update

Now let's look at the flip side. These ten series had the lowest average Power Rating for the 2005-2006 season.
    -4.14: ''Sex, Love & Secrets''
    -3.82: ''One Ocean View''
    -3.65: ''Still Standing''
    -3.65: ''Tuesday Night Book Club''
    -3.63: ''Love Monkey''
    -3.63: ''Scrubs''
    -3.59: ''Head Cases''
    -3.52: ''Kitchen Confidential''
    -3.41: ''Jake in Progress''
    -3.40: ''Yes, Dear''
All six new shows on this list were cancelled very quickly. No surprise. And three of the four returning shows were also cut — only ''Scrubs'' survived the axe. Why? Besides the fact that the Peacock is desperate, ''Scrubs'' scewed heavily toward 18-49 year olds. Just like ''The Office,'' which was on last year's list. That bodes well for ''Scrubs'' this year as NBC reforms its Thursday sitcom block.


Anonymous said...

Our 'Girls night out' group was really disappointed CBS canceled TUESDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB. All of us felt they didn't give it a was a pretty good series. All the characters had situations that we could identify with. Any chance it will be on somewhere else so we can see the entire series?

dr. tv (mike vicic) said...

The odd aren't good. Very few shows ever see the light of day again if they are panned by critics, avoided by audiences and cancelled that quickly.

So far THE WILL is the only exception to this rule. CBS cancelled THE WILL after one ep, but in2tv recently streamed all eps for free.

I hope that one day the cost to convert media from film to streaming video is small enough that all short-lived shows are available.