Monday, August 14, 2006

There's Versatility in Numbers

Everybody does lists these days. Best five. Top ten. The 25 best. The top 50. The 100 greatest. Some shows really mix it up and do the 101 greatest.

I wanted to do something a little different.

My first thought was simple. I'd do the 35 best and just call it the b35t. You get the best of both worlds in a single phrase. You know the list will cover the best and you know the list will have 35 entries.

But that isn't good enough for me. What if I do a list that has about 10 entries? 100? What if I get really ambitious and generate a list with nearly 1000 entries? the b35t just isn't versatile enough.

Instead, you'll periodically see lists about the gr8est and the gr83st. And if I get really motivated, maybe you'll even see a list about the gr835t. That's right. My lists will cover the eight, 83 or 835 greatest things.

You'll see the first list tomorrow. It's a good thing.

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