Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Don't Throw the Babylon...

You have to love the digital age.

Looks like ''Babylon 5'' is leading the way in the multiplatform universe. Talk about choices! You can legally watch eps of Season One:
  • for free at in2tv: You just have to deal with commercials and watch the series over multiple months as AOL cycles through their library. Hopefully you didn't start too late.
  • with a $0.99/ep day-pass at PeerImpact.com.
  • for $1.79/ep at Guba.com and own it.
  • for $1.99/ep by purchasing it from iTunes.
  • for ~$2.35/ep by purchasing the complete season on DVD from Amazon (including S&H): You pay a small premium for the DVDs, supporting docs and the extras.

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