Thursday, August 03, 2006

AOL Video Is Live

AOL Video has all of the in2tv content plus much much more. With the pull-down menus arranged by station (ala iTunes), the interface is much easier to navigate than Google Video. Still no information about season or ep number if the ep has a title. And no easy way to find a list of TV shows alphabetically since it offers no equivalent feature to iTunes.

I find the thumbnails just annoying since they are all the same. Either select a meaningful/signature scene for the pic or just give me a list.

The process is the same as in2tv. Click on your choice to spawn a media player in another window, watch a commercial and then watch your selection. My only complaint? No matter what image I click, I always get the same music video if I select on non-in2tv show. I'm kind of sick of Aesop Rock's No Jumper Cables.

My other complaint? I can't find a direct link/URL for individual videos.

The good news? If the show is NOT on in2tv, you might actually see more than 10 eps. You can watch 25 eps of ''Chappelle's Show.''

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