Monday, July 10, 2006

Scoreboard Update & Rants

Over the past few weeks I've added 249 new series to the trivialTV database and I'll continue to add more as I peruse the cable schedules for the past six months. I've also confirmed preem dates for 70 more series. The scoreboard at the bottom of the near sidebar reflects these changes.

And now for the rants.
  • AOL changed their database format yet again when they updated their shows on Friday. Three updates and three changes to the direct links. I'll be updating the numbers/links for these eps again. If AOL ever decides sticks with a format for more than a month, I'll make the in2tv logos active so that you can click and go directly to the video.
  • I don't know how much longer the TV Guide links will work. During the past week they changed back and forth between their old numbering system and their new numbering system. That's right. They've renumbered all of the series in their database. I started to change my links mid-week to the new system, but these numbers didn't work anymore on Thursday. So I changed all those numbers back to the old numbering system. On Friday the new system was available again. Talk about wasting eight hours of my life. Sometime in the next few weeks I'll change all my links once I'm satisfied TV Guide's new numbering system will be around for a while.
So far iTunes is the only organization to keep the same number for every video. Kudos to them for getting it right the first time!

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