Monday, May 22, 2006

Airings Update

What update? The dates didn't change next to the text box. Plus it's two weeks too early for the regular monthly update.

So what happened? If you take a look at the scoreboard (near right column), you'll notice that the airings database now includes 118,985 records. That's 377 more records than Friday.

Where'd they come from? If you previously viewed TV listings for a day in 1983 or 1984, you may have noticed a lot of empty spaces in the schedules. The LAPL (Central) didn't have TV Guides for a large number of weeks for these two years even though I had Nielsen Ratings. I spent the weekend using to go through old TV schedules day-by-day to fill in these gaps.

I should be able to finish this effort by the end of the week and fill in some more holes in the schedule. I've been meaning to do this task for a while, and I finally forced myself to run out of excuses.

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