Monday, April 10, 2006

Monthly Schedule Update

I've added another four weeks — most of March 2006 — to the searchable schedules at the top of the page.

But there's bigger news today. Remember. Everytime I update the searchable TV schedules, I also update Total Tube Time in the near right column. If you take a peek today, you'll see that "Law & Order" sits proudly at the top of the list of dramas. "L&O" finally passed "Murder, She Wrote."

From June 6, 1983 to March 26, 2006 "L&O" logged 8.09 billion household hours on US primetime network TV. That's more household hours than any other drama during that same period.

Just think about that number. If you watched "L&O" on a Wednesday night in February, that means your TV contributed ONE household hour to that number. If 1,000 households watch "L&O" 24/7/365, viewers would endure more than 90 years of "L&O" to reach 8.09 billion household hours.

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