Thursday, February 09, 2006

That's the Way the IPTV Cookie Mumbles

Let's look into the near future of targeted online advertising.

You're downloading TV shows from iTunes and Google Video. You're watching free TV eps on AOL's in2tv and some of the other free broadband networks. You look for TV information on this site,, and tvguide. You use MSN, Google, or Yahoo! to search for additional info about TV shows.

If you have cookies enabled, your entire viewing and search history is stored locally on your computer. (Really, how many people manage their cookies so this doesn't happen?) These local files provide a pretty complete picture of your tendencies, preferences and likely buying habits. They contain much more complete and specific info than typical demographics like age, gender, household income and geographic location.

What if advertisers use these cookies to determine which ads to present to you when you view a web page? This idea is the main thrust of a recent patent application (20060031405), "System and method of inserting advertisements into an information retrieval system display," which is a continuation of an earlier patent app (20030135853).

Who owns the rights? Microsoft.

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