Monday, February 06, 2006

ForeWarnered is Forearmed

Time-Warner-AOL is really taking its time with in2tv. Back in November they were vague and only officially committed to an early 2006 launch. Most of us expected in2tv to go live in January based on unofficial comments. Well, January has come and gone and in2tv is still "coming soon." Now sounds like in2tv will make its appearance in March.

Maybe AOL learned a lesson from Google Video? Since AOL and Google are in business together, can we expect Google Video to relaunch in March and compensate for its false start?

Regardless, I had planned all of my new features (and the associated Monday posts) for the first five months of this year. I haven't sufficiently tested any of my upcoming features and won't unveil them early. That means I'm stuck unveiling what I had planned for today anyways.

In the far right column I'll keep track of all network broadband portals on which you can legally view free video of past or current TV shows. Here is a short list of portals:

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