Friday, January 27, 2006

Grin Amanda, Bear It

You've probably already read about the many TV series that iTunes released yesterday. Some new shows, some vintage shows and additional seasons of some shows previously available.

The fun thing about the trivialTV database is the fact that I can find oddities quite easily. Like this little tidbit. MTV's "Super Sweet 16" is amongst the new shows that you can download on iTunes. You can download seasons 1 & 2 if you like. iTunes makes it look like season 2 is complete since the listing doesn't have "partial season" under "total: 8" in the season 2 description. But it's a lie of omission. Episode 203 is missing: Amanda's Super Sweet 16.

I wonder how Amanda feels since she wasn't invited to this party? I also wonder if the ep is missing because Ciara wouldn't clear her performance for further distribution?

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