Monday, January 19, 2009

TV Tango

If you enjoyed trivialTV, check out TV Tango. The Ultimate TV Database. Your Link to All Things TV. is the most comprehensive compilation of TV information. What makes this database truly unique?
  • Aggregated External Links: Looking for information on other sites? has nearly 75,000 links to title pages at IMDb, TV Guide, Wikipedia,, British Film Institute, and Zap2It. All links load on the TV series home pages — just click the tabs to quickly switch from site-to-site. The TV web is at your fingertips.
  • Breadth: More than 30,500 TV series and 4,200 TV Movies & Miniseries.
  • Broadcast Grids: Type in a date and see what aired on TV that day. To generate these grids, uses a table of ~918,000 shows, including series episodes, TV movies, miniseries, theatrical films, specials, awards, and sporting events.
  • Media Links: Looking for a TV show on DVD or online? Media links are provided for individual episodes and TV movies! Not just a single link for the entire series or season. has more than 150,000 links to shows so users can watch or buy video.
  • Search Capability: Want a list of people who wrote TV movies about true crime for CBS? Need a list of military sitcoms on ABC that premiered in the '70s? Unparalleled advanced search capability.
  • Ratings: Wonder which TV movie had the highest rating in 1990? Looking for ratings data for a specific episode of "Friends"? has household ratings data for all shows since June 1, 1983 and viewer/share data for shows since September 25, 2000.
  • Discovery: Users will find new shows and be reminded about old favorites with these features:
  • Today in TV History: Find out which TV series, Movies, and Miniseries premiered on this date in the past. See what TV characters had life-changing events (births, deaths, weddings). Learn about firsts and lasts in TV history.
  • Maps of TV Land: Navigate real maps to see where TV characters lived and worked.
  • Simple (and Intuitive) Navigation: We have put a great deal of time and effort in developing a very intuitive system of navigating through our site. From any page on our website you are just one click away from finding the information you want. Every piece of information we enter into our database is confirmed or verified by an in-house researcher.
Combining real-time information updates with a sophisticated user interface, is the web's most powerful and reliable informational tool. In short, you are in control of your search. Since we search the top TV databases, you now have to search only one: TVTango.